LA Charcuterie | Artisan Feature

LA Charcuterie | Artisan Feature

Today we are featuring the very talented, and creative woman behind Charcuterie LA!  If you follow her on Instagram @charcuterie.la_ then you already know how stunning and beautiful her delicious designs are.  Based in LA, Svetlana took job loss during the pandemic and wove it into a beautiful, inspiring business that delights her clients and Instagram followers daily!  We hope you enjoy this delicious and inspiring story!


Initially, the French word “charcuterie” represented the product of a fancy pork butcher. The meaning of this word evolved with time, and today, when we hear “charcuterie,” we think of platters filled with a variety of cheeses, fruits, vegetables, meats … and even desserts.


Let me introduce myself – I am Svetlana, creator, and founder at Charcuterie La.  I grew up in the Southern part of Russia in a place challenging to find on the map.  During my late 20s, I began to travel to various parts of Europe and had the privilege to experience the great food culture that exists in other parts of the world.

The amazing cheeses, wines, and care surrounding food were fascinating. This parlayed into an interest in food science, nutrition, and dietetics which I currently am studying—this, combined with my love language that is food and hospitality, transitioned into our small business.

Charcuterie La started during the pandemic.  Like many other people, I lost my job and stability.  Having a passion for food, culture, and experience in hospitality, I used this time to brainstorm and create a concept that eventually evolved into something even better.  With a lot of trial and error, I created my first menu.  I would literally stay up at night conceptualizing the layout of my boards and use each time to improve it to the product it is today.

Farmers’ markets are the cornerstone of my business and my happy place.  Every weekend I look forward to visiting the Brentwood Farmers Market, and other local markets.  I share stories about my business and converse with the farmers learning about their products, and I have such a deep appreciation for their work.  There is nothing like it!

Ordering a board with Charcuterie La is a different experience.
Each item selected and placed into an order is
intentional with a history and story

In the variety that we offer, you will notice that each board has its unique personality and is true to the culture it depicts. 

For example, our Valentina boards (named after my younger sister) feature Italian cheeses and Artisan Charcuterie that is savory, tangy, full of love and passion, and commands presence much like my sister!

Each of my boards is named after influential women figures in my life, except one –  we’ve recently launched a newer board titled “Bob’s Board,” (after my great friend and brother-in-law) which emulates sophistication, masculinity, and more rustic tones throughout the board.  Our creations speak for themselves and communicate the beauty of the story they represent. 

Simply put, we love what we do, and you fall in love with Charcuterie La!

Find Charcuterie LA, Sundays at Brentwood Farmers Market, 9:00 am – 2:00 pm.

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