Raw Inspiration’s mission is to educate children and adults on the importance of a healthy diet, especially on the importance of eating fresh fruits and vegetables daily. To accompany that mission, we have set up a program where growers can distribute their produce at neighborhood farmers markets. Many of the schools in our program are in areas close to the farmers markets where there is a real need to not only grow fresh fruits and vegetables, but to also have a distribution system set up where the schools and growers can choose to market their produce. In and around Los Angeles it is estimated that nearly 2,000,000 visitors enjoy our farmer’s markets every year, and that number continues to increase with every new market opening.


About the Founder

Jennifer McColm has been coordinating and managing Certified Farmers’ Markets for over 22 years. She has had extensive experience coordinating and setting up successful Farmers’ Markets and Fine Antiques and Collectibles Markets throughout OC, LA and Ventura County.

Working in conjunction with the Non-Profit Organization, Raw Inspiration, Jennifer McColm has built many lasting and strong relationships with community members and organizations at the various locations of her Farmers’ Markets. She has a strong working relationship with City Council members as well as the Chamber of Commerce for each of the different cities where the markets are held.

Foundation History

  1. We partnered with the Special Olympics and helped them fundraise for 2014’s Special Olympics.
  2. We have worked with Coca Cola, Starbucks, and others to distribute products at the markets.
  3. We partnered with Cedar Sinai and put on “Morning at the Market” and raised over 100,000 for IBD.
  4. We partnered with Toyota on its nationwide Farm to Tables tours.
  5. We worked with celebrity chef Tim Love and put on a dinner for his spoons Across America campaign, raising awareness for childhood obesity and diabetes.
  6. We did a fundraising dinner at the Wilshire Elementary School with Lonesome Dove.
  7. Many of our markets have been featured in commercials and movies such as “No Strings Attached”
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